A Course In Miracles



  • High quality audio recordings with 3 narrators for the entire workbook.
  • Entire workbook text.
  • Daily lesson view to jump to your current lesson.
  • Self recorded affirmations.
  • Lesson reminders.

  • Hero View
  • Lesson View
  • All Lessons View
  • Reminders View



“This classic spiritual text turned into a sleek, modern and easy to use app is a must for any seeker of spirituality who is either going through the course for the first time or wishing to integrate the teachings into their daily life.

This app comes with fully narrated lessons, all three of the voices are soothing and precise. For someone who already spends a lot of time having to read and type, it is relieving to have an audio option that can be used while commuting, waiting in line, walking in nature, or at the park with the kids. There is an integrated notification alert you can set on your phone to remind you to keep up with your daily lesson, and you can even voice record notes to keep track of your daily practice sessions.

Out of all the available ACIM apps, THIS is the one to get!“

Ashley Shea, Yoga Teacher and Doula

“It’s SO GREAT to both hear AND read along with this beautiful material. The app design makes it super easy for me to dive back in during the day (and maybe just listen while driving or walking on the beach). The readers are warm and ear friendly, making for a lovely Encounter. It’s simplicity is a major feature to me as I would rather immerse myself in the beautiful prose of the material than to try to navigate like a tech savvy teacher, which I am SO Not.“

Axel Anderson, A Course In Miracles Teacher


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